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The Many Hats of the CIO with Brian Sterud of Faith Regional Health Services

September 10, 2021: Brian Sterud wears many hats at Faith Regional Health. He’s the VP of IT, the CIO and the CISO. In smaller health systems everyone has to muck in. How do they cover it all? How do they manage their time and stay current? Every health system is prepared for a 24 hours or less security risk. But after that, things get complicated. How would a smaller organization handle 30 days? 40 days? What's the biggest learning from having the ERP suite in the cloud? Can you get to the level of customization that you want? What kind of things can you do to improve clinician experience? What’s it like to do a comprehensive network upgrade with Aruba? How has that helped security and operations? And what kinds of technology priorities are on the agenda for the next 24 months?

Key Points:

  • We can be really nimble because of the multiple hats we wear [00:06:20
  • There's always something more that you can do in regards to security risks [00:11:30
  • Take a hard look at endpoint protection and DLP and where that sits within your organization [00:24:30
  • How do you stay up with Price Transparency and 21st Century Cures? [00:24:44
  • How do you maintain excellent office culture? [00:26:05
  • Faith Regional Health


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