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The Integration of Digital and Healthcare IT with CIO-CDO Tom Barnett

January 15, 2021: What does a hybrid CIO-CDO role entail? Digital definitions can sometimes elude us. Tom Barnett of Baptist Memorial defines it as meeting the patient where they're at and allowing them to digitally engage for their care in the easiest fashion possible. From the CIO perspective, it’s keeping the core systems, roadmap and strategic direction of the healthcare system in place. How can a leader effectively engage with their remote workforce? How can we further reduce the amount of burden on medical staff? How do we reduce touch points during the pandemic whilst still maintaining a high level of care? And are healthcare system’s just responding to COVID? Or are they able to field other projects?

Key Points:

  • What kinds of digital projects have come to the forefront during a pandemic? [00:07:30
  • The rise of inpatient telehealth [00:12:13
  • As we recategorize rooms, in order to adjust to the changing patient volumes, the Epic team needs to be able to jump in and reconfigure them to make sure operations are in real-time. [00:16:00
  • Learn how to manage a drive-through COVID testing site using tricks from the fast food industry [00:13:25
  • It’s important to focus on optimization areas for physicians [00:16:50


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