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Remote work was thrust upon us. We adapted. 1 year later, do we have the tools we need to make this work long term?

Microsoft thinks a new set of tools are needed and they rolled out Viva as part of their teams platform.


Microsoft Viva isn’t an app or even a service but more of a platform for improving remote work and helping businesses adjust to it. While businesses collectively spend billions of dollars each year on employee wellbeing, Microsoft thinks Viva will help in this new digital era of work.

Designed for this new flexible and digital era of work, Viva integrates into Microsoft Teams and works rather like the intranet of old by collecting essential parts of a business into a central location. Microsoft is splitting Viva up into four specific modules: connections, insights, topics, and learning.


Social Media, LMS, Wikipedia and productivity dashboards are not new tools but Microsoft has integrated it into teams making it more accessible to healthcare. 

Are these the right set of tools, what tools would you like to see integrated?

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