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March 10, 2021: What we have needed through this pandemic is emotional stability, perseverance and the ability to keep going when you don't know what the unknown is. What IS the new normal for health systems? Dr. Zafar Chaudry, Senior Vice President and CIO for Seattle Children’s Hospital discusses remote work, culture and productivity. What do leaders have to adjust in their normal communication and management style? How do you keep a team connected and the culture moving forward? What about equality, diversity and inclusion? Moving to the cloud and application rationalization can help to avoid tech debt. How do you measure it? What plans do you have with AI, Machine Learning and RPA? What’s going on with the price transparency rule? And what does your interoperability strategy look like going into 2021?

Key Points:

  • Work-life balance has been affected by the pandemic [00:04:40]
  • ALWAYS under promise and over deliver [00:08:20
  • How do you get people to remain emotionally happy? [00:12:20
  • App rat - application rationalization [00:18:30
  • Every refresh turns into a mini major project [00:23:15
  • From an AI perspective we're doing a lot of predictive modeling. When will our hospital be full? When will we have to turn patients away? [00:35:00
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital

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