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March 26, 2021: The year is 2030. How would a leader of a healthcare system address the pandemic? Dr. Stephen Klasko, CEO for Jefferson Health presented exactly how at the JP Morgan conference. 3D printers printing PPE, drones delivering medication, bots IDing illness and wearables testing for cases. WOW! Today we are joined by their CIO Nassar Nizami for further technology insights. In 2020 Jefferson Health had zero transmission to non COVID patients and less than a 1% employee infection rate. How did technology play a role in their COVID response? How can technology address health disparities in a community like Philadelphia, keeping in mind the digital divide? What are Jefferson’s priorities going into 2021? And what valuable lessons has Nassar learned as a health system CIO?

Key Points:

  • We very quickly enabled remote monitoring for patients so that the exposure to our clinical staff was limited [00:07:55
  • Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane [00:11:45
  • The need for access to broadband services became glaringly obvious during COVID [00:12:15
  • There’s going to be a big push for automation in the later part of 2021 [00:20:30
  • We are fortunate that in the last few years we as an organization made a decision to have one centralized operating model [00:21:30
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