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April 14, 2021: Marketing is an ever evolving discipline in healthcare. Technology and digital changed things dramatically. Mona Baset, Vice President, Digital Services for SCL Health breaks down brand management, analytics, operations, consumer journey mapping and more. There’s lots of cool digital tools out there ... Epic, MyChart, Salesforce, chatbots, automated SMS’s. How do we navigate them? And how can we bring them together to create a seamless consumer experience? If you could wave a magic wand for your customers, what would you do? Also what’s it like to step into a role at a new organization? How do you map out your first 6-12 months? How do you build your team? How do you establish a good working culture? And how do you maintain it?

Key Points:

  • Digital has given marketers a way to understand and personalize consumers so that they can provide really relevant experiences [00:05:25
  • The consumer mindset has been slow to evolve in healthcare. The pandemic really accelerated it. [00:07:40
  • Is this marketing idea going to get us big consumer impact and big patient impact? [00:16:21
  • The consumer experience can’t feel like they're moving across 3 or 4 different systems. It's got to feel cohesive. [00:24:04
  • I don't know if the word contactless ever really existed prior to the pandemic [00:38:30
  • SCL Health 


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