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How has the Chief Marketing Officer for a health system changed during the pandemic?

Yesterday I received an email from my homeowners association. It was an outline from the local health system with talking points on the vaccine distribution, dates of administration, guidelines, locations, and links to schedule your appointment with reference to state resources on the topic. This got me thinking. How did this happen?

NCH Healthcare System developed this email. A group must have thought how do we get this out to as many people as possible. One of the ideas was to send this to communities that had email distribution lists and it ended up in my email box. This is amazingly well done. I also highlighted their website below if you would like to replicate.

From what I can tell the states have given vaccine distribution to the local health systems. There is a belief that we know how to reach our community with this critical message and provide the logistics to support the vaccination effort. How are we doing?

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