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October 23, 2020: What are the trends and drivers for telehealth adoption and satisfaction? James Beem of J.D. Power runs us through their 2020 US Telehealth Satisfaction Study. They collected data from 200 healthcare firms nationally to understand who is best in class around customer satisfaction. Are there any clearcut leaders? What are the primary drivers of satisfaction? Is patient safety still number one? How do you increase consumer loyalty and advocacy? What are the telehealth demographics pre and post COVID? Can telehealth satisfaction really compare to traditional face to face medicine?

Key Points:

  • People did not want to go into the four walls of an exam room [00:08:00]
  • What happens if patients want to get more complex care and go deeper than what telehealth can provide? [00:08:25
  • Satisfaction scoring by population [00:09:40
  • Younger generations seek telehealth for clinical conditions that trend more towards mental health and behavioral health [00:10:10
  • Older populations seek telehealth for more classic clinical conditions [00:10:25
  • It’s really around an authentic experience between the patient or consumer and the healthcare practitioner [00:17:35
  • Teladoc, Livongo, MDLIVE and Amwell [00:21:25


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