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What do you believe about the future of telehealth is for healthcare providers?
Where will it be used effectively?
How quickly will it take off?
What is required for it to thrive?
How will patients respond when they ask for a telehealth option and one isn't available?

Telehealth visits receded again based on claims data.

In April, telehealth utilization fell 12.5%, a trend mirrored by a gradual shift back to in-person visits at hospitals and other healthcare settings, according to FAIR Health's Monthly Telehealth Regional Tracker

Claims for telehealth services have receded for consecutive months. Telehealth represented 4.9% of all medical claims in April, down from 5.6% the prior month. Southern states experienced the greatest decline in telehealth claim lines during that time, at 12.2%.

I know what I believe, what do you believe?

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