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August 20, 2021: Today we are joined by Brent Lamm, Senior VP and Deputy CIO at UNC Health. With their tremendous wealth of expertise and research they really are moving the needle on health and wellness. What are the biggest challenges around rural health care today? What is UNC doing in regards to health disparities? What are their plans to get underserved communities vaccinated? There’s a multitude of structures around analytics data science. What does UNC’s structure look like and how does it interact with the organization?

Key Points:

  • Physician recruitment in rural areas is really tough [00:08:20
  • The IT is centralized, the data is centralized but the analytics is actually federated [00:22:00
  • How are we keeping a pulse on employee burnout and other psychosocial issues that come with not being in the office every day? [00:31:05
  • We’re seeing major increases in the number of candidates wanting to work from other states. And that presents real challenges for HR and legal. [00:33:45
  • There’s still some resistance with cloud adoption [00:38:15
  • UNC Health


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