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Sustaining Progress at Hospital for Special Surgery with Jamie Nelson, CIO

May 5, 2021: Today is a follow-up conversation from the Hospital for Special Surgery Field Report we did during the 2020 COVID series. Jamie Nelson, Senior VP and CIO shares how this orthopedic specialty location flipped their services to look after COVID patients. How do you transition your EHR to accommodate a drastic change like that? There are huge challenges to being a CIO at the best of times. How do you ensure that everyone on your team stays on the same page during a crisis? What practices can you put in place to keep everyone engaged? What are HSS’s 2021 strategies for automation, analytics, cloud adoption and interoperability? And what’s that exciting new building project that they’re working on?

Key Points:

  • We had a very small level of interest in telehealth in orthopedics. It increased by 2000% in 2020. It was absolutely crazy overnight [00:11:15
  • Everything we had to do to care for our COVID patients required some sort of sophisticated IT built underneath it [00:14:30
  • The ability to be a part of the solution, during a tough year of COVID was very, very meaningful [00:19:45
  • HSS just implemented FDA approved digital pathology in February 2021. We are the first in the country doing this. [00:30:40
  • We are still riding on the telehealth COVID reimbursement wave [00:42:25
  • Hospital for Special Surgery


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