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Digital transformation is reshaping how the health care industry engages with patients and care providers. The first set of initiatives in Digital Health have been focused on developing point capabilities for specific use cases.These solutions shifted digital capabilities to the next level, provided online access points for patient interaction and addressed key issues in patient experience. However one key opportunity was that they only provided discrete patient experiences:

●   From each point solution to the next point solution we dropped the patients

●   It was up to the patient to find the next step or the next tool in their care journey

●   These solutions were light on data-driven engagement

●   Scalability of solutions by adoption as well as tech scalability was localized and not suited for consumer internet demands

Our next iteration encompasses capabilities that provide a seamless interconnected experience in health care. For patients, this means enjoying a smoother and more convenient experience across all facets of their journey: searching for provider information, scheduling consultations (physical or virtual), leveraging copay options and being able to access their health information. Care provider experience will also improve tremendously by leveraging the power of integrated systems and new technologies. For example, AI can analyze unstructured data from charts and reports to synthesize contextual insights that assist diagnosis.

Our approach to digital is grounded on an obsession of humans - patients, providers, care givers, and employees. As existing capabilities advance and new ones continue to emerge, we have framed a foundational framework of Digital Healthcare products and platforms into four themes. 

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