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April 12, 2023: Exploring Interoperability, Data Management and more with President of Clearsense Kevin Field and SVP of Product Management at UPMC Jeff Jones. How does Clearsense address the issue of data interoperability in healthcare systems, and what benefits does it offer to healthcare organizations? How does Clearsense ensure the normalization and standardization of data across different healthcare organizations? What role does data governance play in establishing a trusted data environment, and how does it contribute to achieving intelligent interoperability in healthcare? How does trusted data facilitate intelligent interoperability and why is it important for data discovery and access to information? How can blockchain and smart contracts help to achieve the vision of intelligent interoperability, and what role does patient engagement play in this process? How does the need for privacy and security impact the development of intelligent interoperability, both from the perspective of patients who want to own and control their data, and from the perspective of the broader research community?

Key Points:

  • Intelligent interoperability
  • Culture and governance around data governance
  • Privacy and security
  • Partner ecosystem
  • Patient data ownership

We invite you to join us May 4, 1pm ET as we discuss different types of analytics used in healthcare and how they can gain insights into health data. Let's work together to create a more efficient, effective, and modern healthcare system with data governance and analytics strategies. Register Here.

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