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What will it take to 10x social determinants work in your community?

The leaders in this article share great stories but they feel like drops in the ocean. Important drops, necessary drops, and appreciated drops but drops nonetheless.


Kevin E Lofton, CEO of CommonSpirit Health shared the story of a patient who kept going to the ER. Then, he enrolled in the “Total Health Roadmap,” a program where patients are cared for by social workers, health coaches, and nurse practitioners. He received a home visit and was found to have a broken refrigerator and no access to healthy food. A new refrigerator was installed and voila, the expensive emergency room visits ended.

They’re also building what they call “AARP-sponsored fitness parks” and will have 15 parks opened by the end of this year. Jean C. Accius, PhD

Comcast now delivers internet access to 8 million people for < $10 a month through their Internet Essentials program. Carina Edwards

Geisinger implemented “Fresh Food Pharmacies,” they’re now providing roughly 10,000 meals per week to program participants

Jaewon Ryu


Great stories, which I'm glad to amplify.

Now how do we 10x this?

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