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May 26, 2021: Microsoft and Intel engaged World Wide Technology to develop a hybrid cloud solution to demonstrate the power of Azure Stack Edge Pro's edge compute and AI technology. Dr. Sanaz Cordes and Dr. Eric Quiñones from World Wide Technology and Chris Gough from Intel are here to talk about this advanced technology that is transforming healthcare. The locus of care is shifting to remote venues and really into the home. What kinds of challenges does this bring to health IT organizations? What are some of the use cases that are moving to the home? And how big is the need for real time data and real time interaction? Many health organizations are stuck on the challenge of compliance, privacy, latency and getting the right data into the hands of physicians without overwhelming them. How does a solution like this address these challenges? 

Key Points:

  • Typically care has been episodic and reactive. There’s now a need to change the mindset and the philosophy to really shift the way health systems think about care. [00:02:49
  • The Moving Health Home initiative is really driving and lobbying to make permanent changes to the home care health reimbursement policies. [00:07:40
  • The AAMC noted shortages of between 21,000 to 55,000 primary care physicians last year [00:20:45
  • World Wide Technology collaborated with Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis to utilize machine learning and develop methods to predict radiation treatments for patients with cancer [00:23:13
  • There’s still a reticence by some physicians to adopt machine learning. How do physicians view the use of this technology and what can we do to take it forward? [00:28:10
  • World Wide Technology


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