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October 20, 2021: Today we are talking to Anand Srinivas, Office of the CTO, Service Provider Edge Business Unit at VMware and Paul Jones, Global Director of Product Management for Network and Security Solution at GE Healthcare. How can we secure clinical networks both in the hospital and as we expand beyond the four walls and into the cloud? How are clinical devices connected, tracked, managed, secured, and monitored today? What challenges does that create for health systems? The solutions VMWare and GE Healthcare provide are GE Healthcare – Mural Virtual Care, OnWatch Network Edge, GE Healthcare - OnWatch Network Performance and VMware SASE. When we look at these solutions, what elements have to be addressed? With a multitude of medical devices operating, it gets really challenging to have visibility and keep the healthcare environment holistic and focused.

Key Points:

00:00:00 - Intro

00:08:43 - Traditional approaches are basically bent and duct taped

00:13:07 - You need to switch from reactive to proactive continuous monitoring, where a system is actually doing all the analytics and correlation in the background

00:13:48 - GE Healthcare - OnWatch Network Performance - reduces disruptions and enhances care

00:23:00 - GE Healthcare – Mural Virtual Care - activates your virtual hospital

00:32:55 - OnWatch Network Edge

00:34:20 - VMware SASE - Secure Access Service Edge. The convergence of cloud networking and cloud security for simplicity, scalability, flexibility and pervasive security.


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