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The letter you never want your CEO to have to write. Chris Van Gorder the CEO of Scripps pens an oped to the San Diego Union Tribune. 

From the letter

In May, Scripps Health’s IT team detected unusual network activity on our systems — yet another ransomware attack had fallen on a major U.S. health-care provider. Our team worked quickly to initiate an investigation and to take steps to contain the incident. Computer consulting and forensic firms were immediately engaged to expedite the recovery and investigation process, and federal law enforcement was notified. As part of the necessary containment, we took down our systems; access to electronic medical records was restricted. This created operational disruption at our hospitals and facilities. Through it all, however, patient care remained front and center while our teams worked around the clock to restore systems quickly and safely. 

While there was no unauthorized access to Scripps’ electronic medical record application, Epic, and there is no evidence to date that Scripps patient information was used for fraudulent purposes


One of the things I hear all the time about a breech is "It's not if, but when". 

Does that mean every breech has to be experienced the way Scripps experienced this one? Gosh I hope not.

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