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What does our struggle to distribute and track vaccine administration in our community tell us about our health data infrastructure?

I was surprised to find that many of the questions from two weeks ago with regard to vaccine distribution are still around. Who has it, where and when can I get it, how is it going to be tracked? Sure there are pictures of people getting the vaccine online, but who's next and how do I get in line are still unclear to many of the people I interacted with over the holidays.

HBR has a good article which postulates some solutions. 


The data infrastructure in the United States can’t adequately support the effort to vaccinate the U.S. population against Covid-19. Four steps must be taken: standardize the way personal health data is exchanged; align states’ immunization registries and state and federal reporting analytics; design immunization “passports” that are portable, equitable, and protect privacy; and address privacy, portability, and cybersecurity tradeoffs.


One takeaway. There is no quick fix to decades of data practices that were more siloed and competitive between systems than supportive of public health. 

Your thoughts?

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