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Is there a non-EMR centric approach to designing and building a Unicorn in Health IT? Sean Lane with Olive would like to find out.

This has been the premise of the Olive leadership for a while. Well, now they've raised 50 million to find out if it will work.

There isn't much information out there on Circulo the startup that will live on Olives tech, share a CEO and have as its mission to change the way payers, providers, patients and taxpayers experience Medicaid. 

It's a greenfield approach built on automation, intelligence and technology connection to eliminate waste, reduce denials and provide near instant payments to providers. The goals are modest for this year but the ambition is big for the future. 

I’m gong to keep an eye on this one. I love the concept, believe in the way it is being brought together and can see how the connectedness between payer / provider / and patient can lead to great benefits for all involved in this model.

What are your thoughts?

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