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March 11, 2020: Every day the medical landscape sees and gets shaped by the arrival of new journals, technologies, and advancements. From the minute a physician graduates they miss out on so much of these, and the quality of service they are able to provide patients might drop as a result. Our guest for today is Diana Nole of Wolters Kluwer and she joins us on the show to speak about what her firm and their clinical decision-making support AI called UpToDate can provide as a solution to this. Our conversation covers how UpToDate supports physicians and can, therefore, make a huge improvement in the quality of service patients receive. The technology is synched with all new information that gets published and formulates a pathway for treatment in collaboration with the physician, allowing them to stay updated at the same time. We talk about how this technology feeds into the process of reducing clinical variation, a concept that is fundamentally linked to increasing quality of service. Joining this conversation, you’ll also hear about plans for UpToDate to be synched up with patients EHR’s, and how its functionality will play out in a visit to a physician as well as in the gaps between. For a quick but insightful conversation about the road to a more egalitarian and enlightened health industry, make sure you catch this episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The services Wolters Kluwer provides: education and tools for best practices in clinics.
  • The importance of clinical variation: a solution to rising costs without an increase in quality.
  • UpToDate’s origin, the information service it provides, and its future synch into EHRs.
  • How UpToDate will involve clinicians in its process, acting as an assistant, not a boss.
  • The future of UpToDate’s synchronization with EHRs and how it will guide physicians.
  • What Diana’s talk at HIMSS focused on: patient adherence to UpToDate treatment guides.
  • How the UI of UpToDate will work and integrate, and some insights into its functionality.
  • The benefits UpToDate will bring to impact times between visits to the hospital.


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