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Ready for an Employee Turnover Tsunami?

52 percent of North American workers plan to look for a new position in 2021 26 percent of workers plan to leave their employers after the pandemic. So we have that to look forward to.


"This suggests that people think the grass is greener," says Dan Roberts, CEO of Ouellette & Associates and author of Confessions of a Successful CIO, "and not because it's spring!"

Among the multiple factors at play, according to the Prudential Financial survey, are employee concerns about career advancement. Then there's the overall impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on people. Additionally, the wide and rapid acceptance of remote work has opened up new job opportunities to work from anywhere.

It's a perfect storm for creating some degree of turnover, says Brian Abrahamson, CIO and the associate laboratory director for communications and IT at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Lab. "We used to talk about the impacts of fear, uncertainty, and doubt on people. Add to this the impacts of burnout and isolation and you have a recipe for workforce chaos," Roberts says. "A question every CIO should be asking their people managers is, 'Are the recruiters who are trying to poach our people painting a better picture of a future working with their company than we are of ours?'"


If we just adopt hybrid work, that probably isn't going to be enough to stem this shift in work patterns. 

What are your plans?

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