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November 5, 2021: As you start talking about automation, you have to be open, transparent and purposeful with your employees. Some of them will think you’re bringing in a fleet of robots to take over their jobs. What is Intermountain doing with this incredible innovation that promises to offload the mundane and repetitive daily tasks? How does Intermountain develop solutions that stem from the voice of patients? How do they set up citizens for success when it comes to data and access to systems that will help them accomplish what they need? And how do you approach a new leadership role in the middle of a pandemic? Ryan Smith, CIO joins us for all of this and more.

Key Points:

00:00:00 - Intro

00:11:10 - When it comes to human centered design, don’t let IT people design consumer solutions. That's principle number one.

00:13:10 - Intermountain Digital Platform

00:15:50 - Intermountain has been really purposeful talking about robotic process automation and intelligent automation. How can we let people find more joy in their work and be able to focus their time and effort on the things that really matter and bring value?

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