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Putting the Patient and Clinician at the Center of the Dental Experience

April 9, 2021: How does technology work in the dental world? Join David Baker, CIO for Pacific Dental on their Epic Wisdom journey. IT is no longer in the background or in the ivory tower putting stuff together and pumping it out. It's the opposite. It's a field with teams working out what will make our lives easier, our workflows more efficient and then designing and building those solutions. In dental there’s a lot of different devices than you would have in a medical setting. How do you work with Epic to build the integrations, device players and partners into the system? What about scheduling? Do you use AI? How do you keep things contactless? What about interoperability? How do you free the data? How do you keep a high level of consumer centric thinking in your innovation? And how do you maintain company culture during a pandemic?

Key Points:

  • One of the legacy areas of technology that we knew we had to implement was a practice management system replacement. A thankless task but essential. [00:06:05
  • User experience integration is very manual and very average. So we went through a huge analysis on what systems could we move to? [00:07:00]
  • We firmly believe in what we call the mouth body connection or systemic health [00:08:10
  • CLM - career limiting move [00:19:10]
  • The bat cave for IT is now called Innovation Test Kitchen [00:21:25
  • You’ve got to find leaders with the right mindset [00:39:16
  • Pacific Dental 


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