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December 9, 2020: Diana Nole with Nuance and Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips with Providence discuss their partnership to improve the clinician experience through voice and AI using ambient clinical intelligence technology. How much time do doctors and nurses spend typing data versus doing their real job which is caring for people? Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) allows physicians to focus solely on their patients during visits thus helping with clinician burden and burnout. Is there a learning curve to this technology? Is there a significant capital expense? Do you have to set up special rooms? Is it cloud-based? What are the plans for rollout and educating the physicians? Carer to distance is a huge deal during this pandemic. What kinds of things are they doing with voice to help reduce the number of touchpoints and conserve PPE? One silver lining of COVID is that the government allowed regulatory burdens to go away. They allowed us to put up payment models that allowed care to be provided for differently. And once that burden was lifted, innovation was unleashed. It’s a very good lesson for us to remember in the future. 

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