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Provider Led Decentralized Care Comes of Age

Home, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the modern day health system, to boldly go where no health system has gone before.

I know hospital at home has been around, but now it has been done at scale and is ready to scale even further.


Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente are investing in Medically Home to expand access to its virtual and in-person care model.

- Medically Home is a virtual and physical delivery model that includes a 24/7 medical command center staffed by clinicians as well as integrations with patients' EHRs and software that supports communication, monitoring and safety system technologies in the home.

- Both Mayo and Kaiser already use Medically Home's care model.

- Adventist Health, ProMedica and UNC Health also use Medically Home's at-home care model.


If this can be done at scale, why are we building new towers? The answer to how many beds a hospital has is tricky, within the four walls or the beds we manage in the home? I believe that will be a major KPI moving forward. Number of beds managed in the home.

This is exciting on so many levels. Same level of quality, safety and outcomes in the convenience of my home.

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