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January 27, 2021: Today’s focus is defense. How do we defend the security of our health systems in a scalable way that works? Dr. Eric Cole, former CIA professional hacker and Founder of Secure Anchor gives us the lay of the land. As companies expand their digital offerings they need ever evolving strategies to safeguard their most critical data. There’s strong perimeters but not a lot of internal security. Once a cyber criminal gets in how do you stop them? What can we do to protect ourselves from ransomware? How do you hire, train and retain world class security staff? What kind of qualities should you look for in a CISO? If you outsource your security how do you determine if they're doing a good job? How do you redo a security budget? Is it education? Prevention? Detection? And what about external business associates that have access to your network? Call centers, insurance carriers, innovation companies, pay centers. We are just poking holes into our network to allow information to go back and forth. How can we do this better?

Key Points:

  • You need to recognize that your organization is going to be a target [00:04:32
  • Cybersecurity is not about prevention. It's about timely detection. [00:05:14
  • A big challenge in security is knowing your assets. There might be servers that are accessible from the internet that your organization is not aware of. [00:07:28]
  • Your security budget is probably way over on capital expenses and way under on operational [00:09:59
  • The best security staff have analytical type skills. It’s all about problem solving. [00:13:05
  • Everyone's focused on inbound prevention but the goal and the way you win this game is outbound detection [00:19:35]
  • Security is 3 things: Confidentiality. Integrity. Availability. [00:38:25
  • What are the tools of a threat hunter? [00:39:12
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