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June 4, 2021: The pandemic was arguably the most impactful event in healthcare. It really changed the landscape. What is the lasting impact that health IT will take out of this time in history? And what is top of mind at CIO desks right now? Texas Health Resources was recently named number 7 on Fortune's best places to work in the US. Joining us today is CIO Joey Sudomir. How did the patient experience change during the pandemic? How did THR adapt in order to keep their staff current? What cool things are they doing with healthcare data today? And what skills will Health IT practitioners need to have in the future?

Key Points:

  • Patients or consumers? [00:06:30
  • People are so inundated in other industries with efficiency, ease and what they need at their fingertips within a few clicks, that it's become an expectation. [00:10:35
  • The lasting impact that health IT is going to take out of this time in our history is undoubtedly that care is not just inside the walls of our physical assets anymore [00:13:50
  • We want to get the healthcare record into the hands of the consumer because we believe it's going to empower them to take more accountability and be more engaged. But it is a fine line. [00:38:35
  • Texas Health Resources


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