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Waiting for reimbursement at parity for Telehealth to be extended? Optum and United Health aren't. Kaiser isn't. Amazon Care isn't. 

Is it time to explore a model that will sustain this essential part of the care delivery model?


UnitedHealth subsidiary Optum has launched a new virtual care product. OptumHealth's CEO says the software, Optum Virtual Care, is now live in all 50 states. 

According to a transcript of an April 15 earnings call, executives from both UnitedHealth and Optum said the software aims to integrate physical care, telehealth, home care and behavioral care. 

"What will really differentiate our product to those that we serve is the ability to offer virtual solutions," he said.

"But then, if necessary, immediately connect them to a live bricks-and-mortar solution ... for more complex or thorough care, as well as identifying and triaging both physical and behavioral healthcare needs and offering comprehensive behavioral healthcare," continued Decker.


This is another way for new entrants to get in between health systems and their potential patients and potentially direct their care in another direction. If I were a Healthcare CEO, I think I'd want to avoid that. Thoughts?

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