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March 12, 2020: We all accept that if you drive downtown during rush hour there will be high traffic and it can take you longer to get there. Similarly, health systems have just come to accept hinders and clogs which slow down the rate at which patients can be assisted. Our guest today is CEO of LeanTaaS, Mohan Giridharadas, and he joins us on the show to have a great chat about how machine learning can help alleviate this problem. LeanTaaS helps patients get improved access to health systems while simultaneously allowing those systems to reduce the cost of healthcare delivery. It does this through a fleet of AI-driven products designed to assess statistics around patient behavior and hospital support capacity to schedule appointments based on a supremely superior mode than the simple person-to-person calendar check we are all used to. Essentially, LeanTaaS make tools for optimizing the utilization of expensive and constrained hospital resources. In our conversation today, Mohan weighs in on how the constraint-based algorithms in his products work, the amazing sales package they offer which completely removes any risk on the client side, and the specifics of how each of their iQueue products assist both providers and patients. Make sure you catch this interview because Mohan is doing some revolutionary things with AI that should help healthcare centers run to previously unfathomed levels of efficiency.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What Mohan does at LeanTaaS to make healthcare cheaper and more accessible through AI.
  • The LeanTaas iQueue product range which optimizes patient flow through health centers.
  • How healthcare institutions are clogged and what map models can do to streamline admin.
  • Having one code base and how LeanTaaS can be used across health systems.
  • How LeanTaas calculates when to suggest appointments through constraint algorithms. 
  • Robust algorithms and how LeanTaaS is able to allow for a level of wrong predictions.
  • The unique LeanTaaS sales pitch which offers money back and opting out at any time.
  • Many clients in the academic health provision space who use LeanTaaS.
  • How scalability limits LeanTaaS’s ability to optimize maintenance or resource scheduling.
  • What the OR application of LeanTaas gains: a liquid marketplace of block times.
  • Optimizations that LeanTaaS is developing to increase bed availability in hospitals.
  • How iQueue integrates with the EHR and modifies the Epic cadence template.
  • The turnaround time it takes to get iQueue up and running: eight to 10 weeks.

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