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Why can some health systems respond quicker to the changing demands of healthcare. IT architecture that is selected for agility.


Because of its investment in this foundational technology, NYU Langone in New York City was able to quickly scale its digital solutions, not only to meet clinical demand, but also to develop ways for patients to access care despite the physical restrictions inherent in various pandemic protocols. NYU Langone experienced significant growth in digital engagement as a result.

Nader Mherabi, NYU Langone's executive vice president, vice dean, and chief digital and information officer, spoke on the issue at HIMSS21 in Las Vegas, Monday, in a session titled "Riding the Wave of Digital Transformation: How Technology Can Enhance the Patient Experience."

"In the past eight years we've been focused on building the fundamental platform of digital infrastructures, from EHRs, to connecting in the cloud in the right way, to AI and machine learning all of these fundamental building blocks you need," said Mherabi. "You need to build your digital experience on top of that."

A sound digital strategy, he said, is about synergy. From the operations team to technologists and even marketing, all constituents need to work together toward a common goal.


If you assume that all health systems have the same approach to IT, you would be wrong. Some are agile by design, some force agility with incredible staff overcoming poor design.

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