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February 15, 2021: Edward Marx, Chief Digital Officer at Tech Mahindra Health & Life Sciences joins Bill for the news today to discuss telehealth, state reimbursement, remote patient monitoring and the emergence of the Chief Digital Officer role. Who is the voice right now? Is it a combined CIO, CDO role or does it require separate skills? No health system is 100% in the cloud yet. Why not? We know data is key to the future of health and medicine. 14 leading health systems have joined forces to form a new data consortium named Truveta. How is digital health being integrated into the medical school curriculum? And HOW huge is Optum's role in healthcare? 

Key Points:

  • The emergence of the Chief Digital Officer role [00:03:05
  • We know de-identified and securely aggregated data at scale can produce valuable insights and have the potential to revolutionize the way to prevent, treat and cure disease [00:09:15
  • It's great that we are starting to look at larger data sets to try to take out some of the bias [00:12:25
  • Everybody's trying to disintermediate the patient from the health system and that's going to be a significant financial problem coming up [00:19:05
  • State reimbursement [00:41:50
  • Digital Voices with Ed Marx podcast 
  • Tech Mahindra Health & Life Sciences



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