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April 5, 2021: Sue Schade from StarBridge Advisors joins Bill to discuss hybrid work trends, her new role as interim CIO at Boston Children’s and information blocking. They also exchange vaccination stories. The rollout got off to a rough start but the US is now hitting 3 million vaccine doses a day. Have you had your jab yet? How are airlines, concert venues and sporting venues going to use the vaccination data? Microsoft released their findings from one year of remote work. Connectedness went from 93% to 71%. Citigroup CEO calls for Zoom-free Fridays, to ensure a better work-life balance. Kaufman Hall found that 39% of hospitals will have negative operating margins this year. And Amazon Care is here and it will disrupt so don’t run from it. Embrace it. And figure out where you are going to play in it.

Key Points:

  • Employees need managers to focus on the basics first, like work-life balance and prioritization, before we start doing fun things like virtual happy hours [00:19:55
  • Instead of Summer Fridays it’s now Zoom-free Fridays [00:24:35
  • If your team didn't have connectedness before you went virtual, you definitely don't have it today [00:28:30]
  • The HHS' information blocking rule goes into effect Monday [00:30:35
  • One issue as a leader is that when you say yes to something, you're saying no to something else. But when you say yes to everything, you're saying no to effectiveness. [00:40:35



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