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Newsday - Security Events, HCA/Google, and Waiting Room of the Future

June 1, 2021: It’s Newsday with Drex DeFord and Bill. 50% of US adults are now fully vaccinated. HIMSS 21 are preparing for their Vegas conference. Data centers around the world are concerned with a remote code vulnerability in a widely used VMware product. The Scripps Health website remains down more than two weeks after a malware attack. Google and HCA have struck a deal to develop tools to improve medical care, as privacy concerns arise. And COVID-19 accelerated changes to all aspects of the waiting room, including whether to have one at all.

Key Points:

  • Who would have imagined that the concept of blockchain, which seemed to have so many good possibilities, turned out to be the thing that allows ransomware to happen [00:13:40
  • Adopt zero trust [00:22:15
  • There's no shortage of places for humans to make a mistake that can result in a breach [00:33:16
  • Healthcare is all about building things that are better for patients and families. And doing it in the cloud is really the only way to do it. [00:38:34]
  • Time is running out for waiting rooms [00:41:00
  • 3xDrex



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