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July 12, 2021: Vik Nagjee, Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences for Sirius joins Bill for the news. Microsoft announced that AT&T will move its 5G mobile network to the Microsoft cloud. AT&T’s 5G core will be the first service to move to Azure. Large hospital systems have around 85,000 medical devices connected to their network and a Department of Health and Human Services report shows that they lack consistent cybersecurity plans for these devices. Kaseya is the latest victim of a supply chain ransomware attack. And the GAO recommends that the VA address several critical aspects of its physical infrastructure otherwise it may jeopardize the $16B Cerner EHR rollout.

OPEN NOW! HRSA Announces New Loan Repayment Program for Behavioral Health Providers - Apply to the Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Loan Repayment Program

Every day you’re using skills to help end substance use disorders (SUD) within your community. The Health Resources and Services Administration is here to help you with the new STAR LRP (Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Loan Repayment Program). 

Pay off your school loans with up to $250,000 from the STAR LRP in exchange for six years of full-time service at an approved facility. Behavioral health clinicians, paraprofessionals, clinical support staff and many others trained in substance use disorder treatment are encouraged to apply. Applications are open until Thursday, July 22, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. ET. 

Key Points:

  • There's a long way to go before 5G is universally accessible [00:13:25
  • Is multi-factor authentication pervasive in healthcare now? [00:28:40
  • You cannot mitigate the risk of ransomware a hundred percent [00:31:50
  • Air gapping gives you the ability to sequester a copy of your backups to a completely separate network in the event that something bad happens to your main network [00:34:05
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