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August 23, 2021: Drex DeFord and Bill discuss post HIMSS. How did the in-person and digital versions of the event go? In a Chartis Group survey of 220 executives, 52% have not progressed beyond pilot stages for digital integration, 47% cite digital as a top organizational priority and 80% plan to increase their digital investments. The benefits of telehealth have become widely known on Earth but now it’s taking off in space. What is NASA’s game plan for dealing with the challenges that this brings? And the LockBit ransomware gang, who hit Accenture this week, are now recruiting insiders. Scary stuff.

Key Points:

  • Change is hard. The pandemic compelled a lot of us to do things that were not normal and were uncomfortable for us. [00:17:26
  • How do you provide healthcare in space? [00:18:35]
  • Speed is the key to cybersecurity operations [00:28:00
  • Ransomware attack. To pay or not to pay? [00:29:30
  • 3xDrex



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