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Newsday - Outrage with Medical Record sharing, Patient Matching and Opposing views of Patient ID

May 3, 2021: It’s Newsday with Bill and Ed Ricks, CEO, Director of Healthcare at Sirius. EHR giant Cerner will provide life insurers access to 54 million patient records via MIB. Is this reciprocated to the patients? Will they get access to their own information too? Teladoc Quarter 1 revenue more than doubles. How are health systems integrating telehealth today? Where are they plugging it in? How are they pushing it forward? Henry Ford Health System launches a competition to tackle health disparities. And the results are in … nurses are very unhappy with EHR usability. How can we ensure that nurses are being represented in the EHR build so that it serves them better as a group? To get to the 80% vaccination rate poses a huge marketing challenge for healthcare and is patient-matching still a problem or have we solved this?

Key Points:

  • Health systems own patient records. Should we have joint custody? [00:12:05]
  • Henry Ford Health System is seeking out new ways to address the digital divide [00:24:00
  • The overarching strategy in healthcare is that we're just trying to solve problems with solutions, not technology. It sometimes takes a lot of technology to make those things happen but the hospitals, the clinicians and the patients shouldn't have to think about that. [00:02:16
  • EHR usability is so important. Data is even more important. The EHR can lead to adverse events. That's a nice way of saying the EHR can kill people. [00:33:50]



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