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March 22, 2021: Why is healthcare still about a decade behind? How can we start taking advantage of the cloud to get more flexibility and agility? How can we create faster, better and stronger consumer first workflows? Vik Nagjee, Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences for Sirius joins Bill for the news. Grand Rounds and Doctor on Demand have merged. Banner Health posted a 19% drop in net income last year. Michigan Medicine is moving forward with a billion dollar hospital. Amazon Care launched in 50 States for their employees. Plus the amazing platform Health Share, the impact of IRIS, robotic process automation pilots and the challenges of 5G.

Key Points:

  • The veto culture in healthcare is very challenging [00:06:53
  • What is the impact of IRIS to a health system? [00:10:25
  • Banner has an amazing M and A strategy. They’re super fast. They're super precise. Clinical precision. Surgical precision. [00:24:55
  • Amazon Care is essentially a concierge level service for employees for an employer program. [00:26:40
  • Silicon Valley still barely understand healthcare [00:29:55
  • Coopertition with big tech is what is going to win [00:31:05
  • Transcarent are applying the Livongo playbook to the employer-sponsored healthcare system [00:31:35
  • There’s a whole new art and science around the patient room of the future [00:37:35



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