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June 7, 2021: It’s Newsday with Dr. Justin Collier, Chief Healthcare Advisor for World Wide Technology. The pandemic was clearly a horrific event in our history but the silver lining? It really moved healthcare forward in terms of experience, efficiency and safety. Moody's warns of revenue risks as healthcare cyber attacks increase. Is the Scripps Health breach finally over? How safe will HIMSS 21 be? Healthcare groups and Google developed a Health Equity Tracker that can highlight and address the impact of COVID-19 and other diseases on vulnerable and marginalized communities. And according to a J.D. Power study, significantly increased telehealth utilization and greater adoption of digital communication channels has helped U.S. health plans boost their popularity among members.

Key Points:

  • Moody's found that cyber risk in the healthcare sector could lead to potential loss of revenue, increased expenses and elevated scrutiny [00:06:15]
  • A major casino was hacked through a smart thermometer in one of their fish tanks [00:08:40
  • CIOs should be completely immersed in cybersecurity right now [00:10:40
  • Consumer expectations have changed [00:31:09
  • Is it ever okay to close a hospital once it's been open? [00:33:05



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