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May 24, 2021: Mark Weisman, CMIO at TidalHealth System joins Bill for the news today. Researchers at Columbia University have developed a microscopic implantable chip for physiological monitoring. HIMSS and HLTH require proof of COVID vaccination. Ascension's technology business is laying off 651 employees. A new legislation in Congress requires Medicare Advantage plans to create an electronic prior authorization process, targeting a major source of administrative burden for providers. What’s next? What are we driving toward? ONC launched a new project called “Health Interoperability Outcomes 2030.” Telehealth has undergone a radical transformation during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. The potential for overutilization and its financial costs is a long-term concern for all insurers. 

Key Points:

  • Scripps Health ransomware situation is still going and it’s really bad [00:04:35
  • It just HAS to get to the point where the use case has greater value than the risk of privacy [00:10:20
  • The HIMSS health passport [00:12:20
  • Getting the longitudinal patient record into the hands of the care provider at the point of care has always been a challenge [00:30:55
  • The interoperability pain points that clinicians experience [00:42:15
  • We have a discrete data problem [00:43:27]
  • TidalHealth System



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