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August 9, 2021: Sue Schade from StarBridge Advisors joins Bill for the news. It’s the first day of HIMSS. Are you going in-person or virtually? All attendees are required to wear masks and Epic is launching EpicShare. The first dose US vaccination rate is now at 70%. Healthcare IT news have been rolling out a fantastic series on the lessons learned during the pandemic. How has the pandemic reshaped CIOs' views on adaptability, agility, security and hiring? What’s the plan for refined telehealth, faster deployments and more collaborative tools? How do we tackle the barriers to innovation, telehealth integration and analytics? Sometimes leadership needs to get out of the way. The best thing they can do is let teams work together without walls and allow failure of ideas. 

Key Points:

  • The first dose US vaccination rate is now 70% [00:11:15
  • Indoor dining and theater in New York city are going to request proof of vaccination [00:12:15
  • You're going to see more and more healthcare systems and other private employers require the vaccine [00:13:30
  • Beyond HIMSS, what are you doing for yourself and your staff to continue to grow and develop and learn? [00:24:00
  • Sue Schade blog
  • StarBridge Advisors



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