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August 16, 2021: Anne Weiler and Bill talk HIMSS, the HLTH Conference, Salesforce and Netflix. What does the future hold for HIMSS? How can we enable a better digital experience for live and hybrid events? If you want to find the deal makers, the money people and the start ups, you really have to go to the HLTH conference. While digital adoption has come a long way, for tech to take off there are four questions that doctors really want to know. Does it work? Will I get paid? Will I get sued? Will it work in my practice? Salesforce rolled out cloud-based remote monitoring patient access tools. Healthcare should take cues from consumer-centric companies such as Netflix. The idea is to stop thinking about people as patients and consider them instead as consumers who should be known entities to hospitals and health systems before they even need care.

Key Points:

  • Will the HLTH Conference take the innovation piece of the market from HIMSS? [00:10:40
  • Doctors are especially interested in monitoring their patients outside the four walls of the hospital [00:16:15
  • What’s the future of the EHR? [00:20:50
  • Right now, I think Epic is trying to be all things to all people. Will that change? [00:26:10



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