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July 24, 2023: Robert Elliott, VP and Executive Architect, ServiceNow Services at Optimum Healthcare IT joins Bill for the news. In a world where AI-generated code is rapidly growing, the conversation invites exploration into the future of job roles, the necessary skills for the next generation, and how AI might augment, not replace, our capabilities. It further addresses how AI could be employed responsibly to navigate and potentially mend aspects of the perceived "broken" healthcare system, while balancing innovation with proven systems. Is their a possibility of waste reduction through streamlined administrative processes, cloud computing, and analytics? Can a reflection on past healthcare startup failures, ethical considerations in healthcare tech innovation, and the factors influencing the success of startups in this fast-changing landscape aid in growth? What is the overall impact of these changes and innovations, posing the question of whether the evolving healthcare technology landscape is more of a boon or a bane?

Key Points:

  • Artificial intelligence potential
  • Healthcare startup considerations
  • ServiceNow in Healthcare
  • AI's Future Implications
  • Reducing Healthcare Waste

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