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Newsday – Health IT 2022 Predictions, Technology in Labor Shortage and the Future of Interoperability...

testNovember 22, 2021: Tony Thornton, Principal Advisor, Federal Health Care at World Wide Technology joins Bill for the news today. What should interoperability look like in eight years? ONC asked, you answered. What can health IT do to address the nursing shortage? What exactly is federal healthcare and how do you drive it? How do we align technology to ensure we are meeting the needs of the customers? We're starting to see amazing AI and machine learning tools and analyzing large amounts of data. The challenge is still getting that data to move and the quality of that data, once it moves. How can we clean it up so that these tools can benefit us?

Key Points:

00:00:00 - Introduction

00:12:10 - Individuals will have internet based access to their past, present and future electronic health information from clinical and administrative sources

00:12:30 - Individuals and health professionals will be able to discover and compare online, the costs of healthcare services, procedures or drugs before it is ordered and prescribed

00:19:10- Public health response, and preparedness will be driven by real-time data that allow public health agencies to quickly identify when and where infectious disease breaks out

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