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September 27, 2021: Anne Weiler, health tech entrepreneur joins Bill for the news. When growing a startup, what comes first? The clients or the right investors? Johns Hopkins Medicine has developed an Epic-embedded tool aimed at automatically identifying patients likely to need telehealth technical assistance. Xealth raised $24 million in new funding. Halo Health is being acquired by Symplr. Four out of six traveling intensive care unit nurses quit just one day after arriving at Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka, California, due to a lack of familiarity with the EHR. And will Big Tech firms save the day in healthcare? Or is it just too complicated?

Key Points:

  • Revenue will get you investment. Investment will not necessarily get you revenue. [00:21:00
  • The issue isn't that healthcare technology is that hard, it's that the business models are screwed up [00:31:30
  • There's no incentive to share data. Data sharing is not hard if you actually want to do it. [00:31:30
  • Getting information out of the EHR is one level of complexity. Getting it back in is that complexity times five. [00:32:30
  • Should one of the big tech firms buy a hospital system? The answer is no. [00:35:06



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