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May 17, 2021: Sue Schade from StarBridge Advisors joins Bill for the news. What does work look like in the post pandemic era? What mix of work from home and office time is right? A Finland cyber breach leads to the leaking of thousands of mental health records. An attack on a company is scary. An attack on individuals? That’s downright terrifying. Boost Mobile is helping with health equity by offering telehealth, the State of Ohio offers a chance to win a million dollars if you’re vaccinated and AHIMA releases their public policy statement on telehealth.

Key Points:

  • In terms of remote work, what is the balance between what the organization needs and what the employee needs? [00:14:40]
  • IT teams are part of the extended care team [00:18:40
  • The hybrid workplace probably won't last [00:07:05
  • Patient centered interoperability [00:31:05
  • The issue of state lines [00:34:30
  • Sue Schade blog



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