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March 15, 2021: It’s Newsday. Bill is joined by Dr. Eric Quiñones, Chief Healthcare Advisor at World Wide Technology. Amazon Care’s partner “Care Medical” has filed to operate in 17 more states. This is concierge level service. They'll meet you in your office, your home, wherever you are. What can hospitals learn from Amazon and big tech? How can we be more consumer centric? Mercy and Humana partner to expand access to virtual. Home care is the next frontier. And working from home is not a slam dunk. It's challenging. But what big questions does returning to the office raise for CIOs?

Key Points:

  • Apple know that the patient experience is critical [00:09:55
  • If we are going to be consumer centric in healthcare, what does that look like? [00:15:30
  • An ARP study saw that adults 50 years or older prefer to age in their homes and communities [00:17:05
  • CMS estimates that home care in Medicare saves $370 million a year [00:17:20
  • Best Buy is trying to reposition themselves as a healthcare company that delivers equipment into the home and sets it up [00:38:05


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