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July 6, 2021: Anne Weiler, health tech entrepreneur and advisor to This Week in Health IT joins Bill for the news. Is there enough help for seniors who aren’t tech savvy or should tech in healthcare just be simpler to use? An AARP survey found that more than half of older adults said they needed a better understanding. Huge investments have been made in digital health startups in 2021 so far. Beckers lists the top 13. This past year poured rocket fuel on the adoption of digital health across every demographic. And data shows that many patients are on board to continue the trend. What will the post-Covid-19 landscape look like? How can health systems address possible challenges? And what are the opportunities to revolutionize care?

Key Points:

  • We need to stop thinking that seniors are incapable [00:12:30
  • We not only have to support computers within the four walls, we now have to think about all kinds of devices and all kinds of locations [00:18:00
  • The number one lesson learned from managing the crisis is that we can do a lot in healthcare if we are focused [00:18:50
  • The patient experience has been elevated as a result of COVID [00:32:25



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