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September 13, 2021: The regulatory environment drives healthcare. And as IT leaders, we HAVE to understand it. Mari Savickis, Vice President, Public Policy at CHIME joins us today to discuss HIPAA, information blocking, price transparency, AI, machine learning and interoperability. The Biden Administration announces ambitious initiatives to bolster the nation’s cybersecurity. Tech giants Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Apple have pledged a combined $30-plus-billion cybersecurity investment. Plus all you need to know about the HIPAA proposed rule and telehealth's battle over state lines. 

Key Points:

  • Make HIPAA and information blocking definitions the same [00:16:30
  • When it comes to price transparency, it's buyer beware [00:22:15
  • AI and machine learning gain steam [00:37:20
  • We need to have better interoperability and standardization for the public health infrastructure [00:39:12
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