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November 15, 2021: Chris Mierzwa, Doug McMillian and Eli Tarlow sit down with Bill at the Sirius Healthcare 2 Healthcare Event to discuss cloud, cybersecurity, automation, labor shortages and more. Why has healthcare been specifically targeted by cyber criminals over the last year? How can health systems protect against a common entry point; phishing? If you get breached, do you know how quickly your health system will bounce back? We’ve heard about clinical automation and IT automation and security automation. AI automation seems to be the new conversation that's going on in healthcare. Is it better to go for a full cloud or hybrid environment? What are CIOs currently saying about cloud? What about latency? And agility?

Key Points:

00:00:00 - Intro

00:07:40 - You actually get smarter when you leave the CIO role and start doing consulting

00:11:10 - We led towards Azure for our public cloud

00:15:40 - If you get the architecture wrong, you could line yourself up for a world of hurt

00:31:20 - RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a hot topic. It’s the buzz word everybody's throwing out.

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