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April 26, 2021: It’s Newsday with Dr. Justin Collier, Chief Healthcare Advisor for World Wide Technology. What’s the difference between working for a consulting organization versus being at a health system for a decade? In a new study nurses give EHR usability an 'F'. They want more time at the bedside with patients. That’s why they went into healthcare. What mistakes do health systems make that lead to nurses feeling frustrated? Surgery techniques are changing and improving all the time. Home care is on the rise. What will the Home-spital of 2030 be like? AI and machine learning are fast becoming part of the virtual care team. You can learn about conditions you have or things that are impacting your wellness in an automated way that still feels warm and human. It’s the end of April. Vaccines are out there. Is your life getting closer to what it was pre-pandemic? Or are we still a little ways out? Plus 3M launches new social determinants of health platform. 

Key Points:

  • EHR usability can be a source of frustration for physicians but less is known about perceived usability among nurses [00:06:30
  • Nurses are rockstars. They deliver care, juggle the complexities of managing family and care team expectations and quarterback the patient experience while subsequently spending the lion's share of the time in the EHR. [00:11:00
  • GPU acceleration for virtual desktops [00:14:15
  • You can't have EHR lag. It's death to the experience of anyone that is using the system. [00:20:07
  • The fourth industrial revolution will ensure that humans live longer and healthier lives [00:23:35
  • Hospitals of the future will become more like NASCAR pit stops rather than inescapable black holes [00:23:40
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